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SuperGraphics: Setting the Standard for Sustainability in the US Market

Kavalan partners with Seattle-based SuperGraphics, a large format print business with expertise in retail, hospitality, events graphics and much more, to deliver PVC-free solutions to the US market. Through the pioneering EcoFormat initiative, Supergraphics sources a range of environmentally friendly print materials and creates sustainable practices and services. 


President Reid Baker describes the US market as ‘slowly adapting’ to the need for more sustainable solutions in the US market. One of the key challenges he outlines is the tendency for US manufacturers of sustainable product ranges to price at a premium in a commodity market. “Some people don’t get it yet,” explains Baker. “We don't buy on price. Price is an important component of what we look at, but we don't buy on price. That's not what we're after. We're after ideas and innovation. That's why we're here.”


There is also the issue of mindset; Baker’s approach aligns with Kavalan’s in that it is key to do the right thing for the environment without compromising on delivering an outstanding service. Baker comments: “When we approach the market we approach it from a very high service perspective, and we like to be treated the same way. Like Kavalan treats us.” Another challenge is a distribution issue. As PVC-free solutions trickle into the market, many distributors may hold low volumes in their warehouses. However, if demand begins to outweigh supply it is only a matter of time before distributors step up and take notice of the growing appetite for greener products. 


SuperGraphics has been delivering a number of key projects for the highest attendance soccer team in the league, traditionally using PVC mesh. In recent months, SuperGraphics has been producing these highly visible stadium visuals with Kavalan PVC-free mesh. For such large installations with frequent turnover, this is a huge win for sustainability in Seattle’s sports! Baker teases more exciting projects to come, so watch this space.  


Baker explains the innovative GigaFuel™ initiative, in which SuperGraphics takes end of life large-format graphics and cleanly converts to a true second use. “We can take on an event project, produce all the materials on PVC-free materials, install and take down the graphics, then promise that none of it is going to landfill,” says Baker. 

“The print businesses that are growing are the ones that understand the importance of sustainability,” he concludes. SuperGraphics certainly understands its importance, and through the unique EcoFormat initiative, the business is sure to continue leading by example as the US print market continues to adapt. 


Watch Reid Baker talk more about the partnership between Supergraphics and Kavalan here 

Find your nearest distributor in Kavalan’s distribution network here, and join the green revolution now. Go PVC-free, go for Kavalan! 

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