About Us
About Us
Who Are We?
When it comes to the growing threat of climate change and environmental pollution, we are all in the same boat. Protecting the environment is no longer something that is ‘nice to do’ – it is all of our responsibility to play our part to protect the environment. TAYA Groups, with over 50 years’ experience and industry-leading technology, has developed the world-first in environmentally-friendly, PVC-FREE banner material range of products, KAVALAN. The KAVALAN brand is revolutionizing the large format digital print materials space, paving the way for meeting zero plastic targets while matching the vitality, quality, and appearance of traditional banner materials.
Brand Story
The Kavalan Logo Design Concept
The story behind KAVALAN’s distinctive emblem is as unique and special as the brand itself. The Kavalan brand name is the old name taken from Yilan, where is also the birthplace of Taya Groups. The name ‘KAVALAN’ was selected due to its significance as the original name for Indigenous Taiwanese people and their land, hailing from what is now modern-day Yilan.
The eye-catching green-dominated colour scheme represents nature thriving, and reinforces our commitment to environmental protection. The diamond-shaped box in the main logo is inspired by a birds-eye view of Yilan itself, and the connected water droplets represent the balance and equilibrium that Kavalan provides.
The Kavalan Brand Values
Since the inception of Kavalan, we have remained committed to our original intention of protecting the environment and preserving the natural world for our future generations through education and the use of measured and transparent sustainable methods. This core belief has never been shaken.
As we continue to expand Kavalan's presence, we truly believe we are the pioneers of a green revolution. It won't be easy and there are many obstacles, but we will prevail for the sake of future generations.
Our persistence will only deepen as we continue to develop and produce world-leading environmentally friendly products and awaken the industry to the real impact it is having on the planet. We are dedicated to fully supporting our partners and customers as we continue to develop and produce world-leading environmentally friendly products, so that ‘green’ is no longer just a buzzword. Kavalan's mission is to continue being the large format printing industry's premier creator of innovative and environmentally friendly materials that will help our customers succeed while helping our planet heal. 
Taya’s R&D team start the journey to create the first generation of PVC-free materials.
The new coating technology leads to the inaugural launch and sales of Eco-7 & Bio-7 materials in Germany.
Sales of Eco-7 & Bio-7 materials expand into pan European countries.
Eco-7 and Bio-7 are integrated into one product and renamed KAVALAN. The concept of expanding KAVALAN into a complete product range is initiated.
KAVALAN becomes available in 5m widths and uses the newly introduced second generation of water-based eco-friendly coating technologies.
The KAVALAN range is expanded as the new Gecko wall covering material, with second generation technology, is launched.
A dedicated KAVALAN production line is established.
· Taya’s R&D team successfully trial Kavalan Spiderweb & Kavalan Butterfly materials with second generation technology.
· The Eco-7 & Bio-7 materials are also upgraded with second generation technology and renamed Sunlight.
· KAVALAN became the first PVC-free brand with a complete product range to directly replace PVC banner applications throughout the world.
· Taya’s R&D team develop the third generation of water based eco-friendly coating technology, incorporating a directly weldable coating recipe.
The KAVALAN brand was officially launched at FESPA Hamburg.
Commentment of the industry's first certified LCA program. 
· KAVALAN becomes the first PVC-free banner material range to offer the large-format printing world green products up to a width of 5 metres. 
· TAYA Europe BV was established in Belgium in order to better serve our European partners.
· KAVALAN received ILF Angels Award for Product Innovation.
· Official lanch of KAVALAN Eco Calculator
100%  CLEAN
Water-based coatings
Phthalate Free
Water Consumption
On behalf of TAYA, SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance), one of the world’s most revered inspection and validation services, has most recently completed LCAs processes on the latest Kavalan range, and the results confirm exactly what we already knew – Kavalan is the eco-friendly alternative to PVC banner. From its significantly lower carbon footprint and lower water consumption, to its amazing biodegradable film, Kavalan is leagues above PVC banner, and we have the numbers to prove it! So, it’s with great satisfaction that TAYA can announce it is the first company to successfully complete LCAs on all the latest range of PVC-Free banner material. From cradle to grave, Kavalan truly is the green revolution the large format printing industry has been yearning for.
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