Earth Day 2023: Invest in Your Planet

Every year, Earth Day centres the conversation around sustainability and the environment, aiming to accelerate climate action and instigate change. This year, the theme was Invest In Our Planet, and it highlights the importance of dedicating our time and energy to solving the climate crisis.

With humanity’s consumption of our natural resources 1.7 times faster than the world's ecosystem can maintain, there is no doubt that this is highly unsustainable. Governments and the private sector are often behind on their promises and must be held accountable. We need to take action on all levels. Our planet is complex and beautiful but has a delicate equilibrium that has been disrupted by greed.

Don’t Underestimate Your Power


Change is inevitable, whether it is in our planet’s favour or not, but it’s our moral responsibility to take a stand for the planet. We need to make a shift to greener energy, technologies, and products. It’s easy to feel like our voice is insignificant, but.. when your voice is united with millions of others worldwide, it creates a sound wave of change.  

Seeing people take a stand, whether as an individual or as a collective, gets people talking about important issues. 


Ways To Invest in Our Planet


How can we invest in our planet? This year’s Earth Day called on brands to invest in the circular economy, young people to get involved in community activity and use their voices as a tool for change, education systems to provide equitable climate curriculum, and much more. One of the most effective and simple ways to make an impact is by reducing our plastic consumption. This can be done in the form of changing to low impact equivalent materials, recycling waste, sustainable fashion, and investing in reusable products.

Whilst all plastics can be harmful to the environment, one of the worst offenders is the production, use, and disposal of PVC. PVC, commonly known as vinyl, is widely used within the wide-format space. Not only is it the most difficult plastic to recycle but it also uses 5x more freshwater in its production than when it’s outsourced for manufacturing. The EPA states that since 1994, only 0.5% of total post-consumer PVC has been recovered for reprocessing.

Investing in sustainable alternatives can have a monumental impact on human health. Just 10,000m² of Kavalan’s Spiderweb 300 would save the carcinogenic equivalent of 10.4 million packs of cigarettes - this equates to 552 years of life. 


We have the infrastructure to invest in our planet, but governments and the private sector aren't utilising it. Earth Day is a time to raise our voices and take a stand. It’s a time to bring awareness and encourage change. It’s a great reminder for everyone to come together and protect our home. 


Visit to find out more information on the events, activities, and what you can do to make a difference all year round. 

Find your nearest distributor in KAVALAN’s distribution network here, and join the green revolution now. Go PVC-free, go for Kavalan! 

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