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“The combination of Kavalan media and EFI roll-to-roll options is definitely a winner!” 

 At PRINTING United Alliance  in Las Vegas, EFI VUTEk Marketing Director Tomer Ohavi talks to KAVALAN about the winning combination of KAVALAN’s PVC-free materials and EFI’s roll-to-roll portfolio.

 The EFI VUTEk Q3r on its PRINTING United stand can be seen producing vibrant, glossy prints on KAVALAN’s PVC-free Sunlight material – smooth, seamless, and sustainable. Ohavi highlights the outstanding quality of the KAVALAN range, as well as its environmental credentials, as well as outlining the industry trend moving towards sustainable substrates.
 Urging businesses interested in a more eco-friendly approach to take the leap, Ohavi concludes: “There are so many good things to say about Kavalan, but I would suggest to you – try it!”


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