KAVALAN PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet EP2 ft. Steve Lister
Brief of The Clip

Plastic waste is a monumental threat to our planet. We all do our bit to cut down in our day-to-day lives, but what about the millions of square metres of PVC banner material used in the advertising industry each year? It’s time to #DitchThePVC for KAVALAN, the PVC-free, eco-friendly banner material that replicates the quality of PVC without the toxic impact on our planet.

Think recyclable PVC banners are the green solution? Think again. The processes can render recycled PVC unusable, and it ends up in landfills or incinerated, which can have devastating health and environmental consequences. KAVALAN is 100% clean, PVC-free, weighs up to 45% less than PVC and is designed for responsible end-of-life disposal that positively impacts our planet and helps us secure our children’s futures. 

Ditch the PVC and #GoForKavalan today! Start your green journey at www.goforkavalan.com.

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