Omnigraphics Sums up the Eco Savings with Kavalan PVC Free Banner

“The installers love it, the clients love it, everyone just loves it.” What is it about the Kavalan PVC-free range that makes people fall in love with it? For Steven Spear, Managing Director, Omnigraphics, the attraction is down to its outstanding printability, suitability to the company’s renowned outdoor advertising projects, and flawless compatibility with the HP Latex 3600. In a market traditionally led by PVC products, Omnigraphics needed a high-performance alternative that supports the company’s sustainable mission statement.


Kavalan is a 100% clean material that measures up to the quality of PVC and eclipses it on eco credentials, making it the perfect product to help Omnigraphics grow its business in a more sustainable way. Printable, weldable, durable, and sustainable – Kavalan’s quality speaks for itself. With hundreds of thousands of kilos of CO2, millions of litres of water saved and significant contributions to human health and the planet’s ecosystems, the environmental metrics speak volumes, too. Steven Spear of Omnigraphics sums it up in one word, ‘perfect’.


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