5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is celebrating its 51st year, having started on April 22nd, 1970, and this year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, with a focus on rebuilding our fragile ecosystems and counteract the harm caused to our planet. While it is wonderful to have a day like Earth Day to really focus on the environment, unfortunately the work that needs to be done to truly restore our Earth can’t be achieved in just one day. That’s why we’re outlining five ways you can celebrate Earth Day every day. 



1.    Find your eco-community

 During the first Earth Day, as many as 20 million people took to the streets in the US. This year, although COVID restrictions are in place, there is still so much going on to be involved in, from the global youth climate summit to the global education summit, and many more events all over the world. But communities coming together isn’t just for Earth Day; if you do some research into environmental initiatives, climate action groups, or volunteering opportunities in your area, there is sure to be lots going on all year round. 


2.    Make green decisions

We can all be doing more in our daily lives to be more considerate of our planet. Carry the spirit of Earth Day with you 365 days a year by being mindful of how you’re having an impact on the environment. Small choices like deciding to walk more often rather than drive, being conscious of your water and electricity consumption, eating less meat, or choosing reusable bags are all ways to honour Earth Day every single day.


3.    Promote environmental education

We want to leave this planet in a harmonious condition for our children, and unless we make some serious changes, they are facing some concerning climate-related challenges in the years ahead. This year’s Earth Day activities include Teach for the Planet, a global education summit led by Education International, which will focus on the crucial role educators play in combatting climate change and why powerful climate education is needed now. Let’s make sure we’re educating not just our children but ourselves on why we need to address these environmental issues and how we can do it. 


4.    Become a citizen scientist

The internet can help us become more engaged with the environment, more in tune with the world around us, and better educated on how we can make a difference. The ‘Global Earth Challenge’ app allows you to gather important scientific data near you, helping to build a reliable picture of our environment. ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’, so download the Global Earth Challenge app and start making a difference.


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