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Kavalan in 2018


Taya’s core value is sustainable development of environment friendly products. Utilizing decades of R&D and manufacturing experience, we officially launched the “0% PVC, 100% Clean” brand KAVALAN in 2017.


2018 is another milestone for Kavalan brand’s achievement. Our products have become highly recommended due to awe-inspiring innovation in the large format digital printing industry. Our materials have water-based coatings with no revolting odors, and the lightweight nature of our fabrics can help reduce shipping cost, ultimately cutting carbon emissions. They are available in several standard widths up to 5 metres, which is ideal for advertising and interior design. With support for all types of digital printers, we are glad to be the first brand to offer PVC-free weldable frontlit materials. All of our product range is fully compliant with REACH, RoHS, and 33P regulations, which is why the Kavalan brand is one of the most widely accepted non-PVC ranges on the market.


Taya provides top-quality products and innovative printing materials, that when used by your creative geniuses, can produce aesthetically pleasing and functional products which can transform everyday life. For more information about Kavalan, please get in touch with us on

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